Peaches and Pears mural at Buyers Club by Josephine Hicks

This week I did my first mural in majority spray paint on a rough brick wall! Commission from Buyers Club, an entrance that serves many small businesses. Through rain, wind and load of loud drilling….I managed to complete in 3 and half days! with help from Max, Jason and plenty of amazing donuts from the Wild Loaf !

Brighton by Josephine Hicks

Last week I headed south coast to do another couple of walls in Brighton. The design is based on the Ancona region of Sirolo. A mix of collaged photographic elements - cathedral, roman bust, Ancona duck… with painterly sections. Im getting to grips with using spray paint for fades, which gives an added dreamlike quality.


NEW STUDIO by Josephine Hicks

Ive been without a studio for a few months now and its been a killer. very difficult to organise thoughts and projects without a space and all your things around. so moved in on sunday!… and been a busy bee making it feel and look good, Decided to paint the back wall this lovely line gradient. Its a perfect space, big enought to do painting and maybe even some printing - still with space to store my plan chest and paints! MADE UP. Now to attack the spring projects! hurruh!

Through the trees by Josephine Hicks

Photochrome postcards..

Photochrome postcards..

Its February, theres not a lot of work around and life is slow. Ive been waiting to move studio to larger space, so everything has been on pause for far too long. Levels of frustration and guilt are building. Ive been trying to work on ideas for personal projects, that I’ll be actioning in the spring…but its so difficult to get the ball rolling and get into any state of flow.

Photos from Woolwich Print Fair by Josephine Hicks

Such a massive selection of work on display at Woolwich Print Fair last weekend, in the incredible space of Woolwich Arsenal. Also great to see a my friend Katy Binks and plenty of fellow printmakers from East London Printmakers

Volkswagen Mural, Clerkenwell Road by Josephine Hicks

Heres some work-in-progress pics from this week painting on Clerkenwell Road for an illustration Commissioned by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Great to work for such an iconic brand on there thirty year celebration campaign featuring three landscapes in the UK favoured by the Camper van customers. I was joined by my brother Edd Hicks and other top professionals from Global Street Arts, great to improve from spray paint skills and work on the biggest wall to date!