Cefalo in birmingham by Josephine Hicks

Last week I was up in Birmingham painting a mural for Ask Italian, I used a combination of print and paint, to give a collage feel. Design based on  Cefalo, a city in Sicily.

Gradients and Fades by Josephine Hicks

Learning how to do spray paint fades! 

Painting a roof! by Josephine Hicks

Hicks & Hicks under took a roof top challenge on monday. Scorching hot weather - even hotter on a roof! we sweated out the day and managed to complete in one day! ...never again though...

i love print by Josephine Hicks


reminiscing about times in Liverpool, when I use to do loads of screen printing, i love the possibility for transparent layers and the mix of photographic images and hand drawn. Here the palm tree was a photo i snapped in spain with a drawing of the moon. palm printed in duo tone using fluorescent pink and cyan, which when mixed gives this purple effect. also really like the lilac paper stock