paint in progress by Josephine Hicks

Late night sign painting by Josephine Hicks

Hammersmith Geometric by Josephine Hicks

Simple but slick geometric mural design for Feast Canteen  Design based on hexagons - with irregular triangles cutting through. Measuring, marking, taping and filling. Much more regimented way of working....but worth it when you peal the masking tape. ps. tesa tape - well recommended ! 

new new, experiments by Josephine Hicks

byebye Angel, Hello Dalston by Josephine Hicks

Kicking off the new year with a fresh new studio! moving out of my Studio in Angel, Islington to a lovely new space in Dalston. A visit to Columbia flower market to buy me some new mates and slapped some paint up on the walls to make it feel immediately homely ! yes! big things this year!