Overgrown greenhouse - mural by Josephine Hicks

New stairway murals for Pergola Olympia! big botanical, whole environments - Work in progress shots.

Painting onto brickwork is damn hard! 

Painting a roof! by Josephine Hicks

Hicks & Hicks under took a roof top challenge on monday. Scorching hot weather - even hotter on a roof! we sweated out the day and managed to complete in one day! ...never again though...

The Prince, progress by Josephine Hicks

Massive new commission in West Brompton, Hicks & Hicks have been asked to paint the exterior sign for the pub/eatery and do a large woodland mural in the garden space. Thankfully my brother has been taking the lead on this job - his knowledge of spray paint and large exterior signs has been excellent. how do you paint on mirror without it just scratching off? 

Pergola Paddington Winter progress by Josephine Hicks

We're back at Paddington site for the new Winter make over, roof if going on the pergola and we're going dark colour pallets of british foliage. think elberberrys, dogwood, ferns and ivy. Repaint of whole perimeter hoarding, main board and upstairs area. 

Hicks late night by Josephine Hicks

such a pleasure and a curse working with this banana... Edd Hicks, my brother - the other half of Hicks and Hicks.