Peaches and Pears mural at Buyers Club by Josephine Hicks

This week I did my first mural in majority spray paint on a rough brick wall! Commission from Buyers Club, an entrance that serves many small businesses. Through rain, wind and load of loud drilling….I managed to complete in 3 and half days! with help from Max, Jason and plenty of amazing donuts from the Wild Loaf !

The Prince, progress by Josephine Hicks

Massive new commission in West Brompton, Hicks & Hicks have been asked to paint the exterior sign for the pub/eatery and do a large woodland mural in the garden space. Thankfully my brother has been taking the lead on this job - his knowledge of spray paint and large exterior signs has been excellent. how do you paint on mirror without it just scratching off? 

Feast bar and Kitchen in progress by Josephine Hicks

Two massive walls, design is combination of geometric sharp shapes and botanical forms. 80's california colour pallet... think 'Saved by the Bell' meets the apartment in 'three men and little lady' :)

The Granite city by Josephine Hicks

Up up north, to Aberdeen! - the city of monochrome! I arrived to splash some colour around, with mural inspired by the northeastern city of Trieste. staying at the local travel lodge i dined in style with much red wine and coffee cake. 

Ask Italian, Faversham by Josephine Hicks

3 Intensive days in Faversham, Kent! painting a stairway for Ask Italian refurb  - based on Tuscany..luckily got a little help from hulk