Peaches and Pears mural at Buyers Club by Josephine Hicks

This week I did my first mural in majority spray paint on a rough brick wall! Commission from Buyers Club, an entrance that serves many small businesses. Through rain, wind and load of loud drilling….I managed to complete in 3 and half days! with help from Max, Jason and plenty of amazing donuts from the Wild Loaf !

Feast bar and Kitchen in progress by Josephine Hicks

Two massive walls, design is combination of geometric sharp shapes and botanical forms. 80's california colour pallet... think 'Saved by the Bell' meets the apartment in 'three men and little lady' :)

Festival Arches, CarFest by Josephine Hicks

Its festival time! I was asked to design and paint two arches, for Carfest North - which would be the gateways to Carters Steam world rides. So taking inspiration from the iconic Jobby Carters work i designed and painted this. A jigsaw of plywood, a projector and thankfully 4 sunny days!