fabric printing

late night print sesh with puff binder! by Josephine Hicks

Back testing different inks and fabrics with the same design from last week. This time used a 'puff binder' in the ink, this medium reacts with heat and when curing and inflates away from the fabric, giving a 'relief' effect...kinda mad! very 80's, remember using a similar thing as a kid doing tshirt painting.

Really like the 3 colour print on the dark blue material, think the dark pink curves really give depth to the pattern.

Fabric printing saturdays! by Josephine Hicks

Following the course at East London Printmakers last November, today I got back in the studio with co pilot Kate Hyde to confound what we had learnt. There are loads more processes and set up aspects to consider when printing repeats; size of design, placement on screen, registration line, table set up and 'stops' measured and set accordingly.

So it was a slow morning of measuring and marking.... but we managed to print 3 metres of our collaborative 2 colour design, on this lovely salmon coloured cotton.