The 'Sipsmith Gin Shop' Printed marquee lining by Josephine Hicks

Ive been busy this past month working on a commisison for the independant London gin company, Sipsmith. 

Designing and handprinting bespoke fabric in collaboration with Studio Tac which will form the marquee lining for there summer travelling Gin Shop. Find them at Port Elliot , Wilderness , Festival number 6 and The Big Feastival

An all over pattern design was reached that encompassed there original branding of the juniper branch and swan head along with my illustrations. Included in the design with the 'Balloon bottle' which Sipsmith use for infusing there gin with assorts of botanicals. Elderflower, Lemon Verbena, Borage and some of the botanicals which feature in the final design.

Following the agreed design, I set about screen printing the two colour design onto 25 panels of calico, which measured 1m x 1.5m

Looking forward to seeing it installed in the marquee!