Ideo in progress by Josephine Hicks

Paint in Progress

Painting this week at the new Offices of IDEO at Herbal House in Clerkenwell, Pleasure to have be asked to asked to spruce up the entrance wall. Lovely smooth walls in a beautiful office with plenty of very welcoming staff! Albeit a little nerve racking designing and painting for an eagle eye design office! very happy with the sharp outcome - think the wooden letters compliment the green leaves really well. Looking forward to seeing the time lapse video they took of the whole three days. 

Sign writing prep by Josephine Hicks


Trying out the traditional method of transferring guidelines for sign writing today. You run the wheel round the outside of your letters or drawing, then using a pounce pad, you use a fine powder to push through the holes leaving you a dotted line to trace your letters! theory :) will let you know how i get on 


Check out AS Handover either online or at there Dalston store, for all your sign writing equipment! 

Overgrown greenhouse - mural by Josephine Hicks

New stairway murals for Pergola Olympia! big botanical, whole environments - Work in progress shots.

Painting onto brickwork is damn hard! 

Monoprint Madness by Josephine Hicks

Painting with ink straight onto the screen 

Cefalo in birmingham by Josephine Hicks

Last week I was up in Birmingham painting a mural for Ask Italian, I used a combination of print and paint, to give a collage feel. Design based on  Cefalo, a city in Sicily.